Gigglepin GP80 MK5

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GP80 Series Mk 5 Winch  - Complete GP Twin Motor Winch Fitted with Bow 2 Motors

GP80 Series Winches:

GP80 Series Winches can offer speeds of over 400ft per minute, down to 70ft per min and pulling power from 3 ton to 14 ton.

Whatever your application, there is a GP80 series winch for you.

Dominating competition podiums around the world, they have won almost every major title and in most cases on multiple occasions. A firm favourite with teams worldwide due to their exceptional performance and reliability.

As well as their competition pedigree they are equally at home in other applications and have found their way into many other commercial activities that require 100% reliability, speed and strength at all times.

If you have an application and you are unsure of your requirements, call or email us and we will happily advise you.

The GP80 Series MK5

The GP80 MK5 Winch has been designed, engineered & developed to provide the Ultimate in Performance, Speed & Reliability demanded by the world’s toughest winch challenge competitions.                                                                   

These winches are hand built to order and are made using the very best materials available.

The GP80 MK5 can be fitted with either 12v or 24v 6.8hp Bow motor 2’s. These motors offer higher speeds and torque when compared to the Bow 1, with similar off load retrieval speeds to the Warn XP. The Bowmotor 2 is a very resilient motor and is favoured for “Over-Volting” (this is when 24v is passed through 12v motors) by many top crews.         

This motor does not like to be stalled and will be damaged if this happens. We recommend sealing the F1, F2 and A terminals with silicon sealant (this is done when the winch is manufactured). A Gigglepin motor gasket is used to seal the motor to the top housing. The motor has a strong brush pack and corrosion resistant brush springs. The Bowmotor 2 is 196mm long and so around 25mm longer than its brother, the Bow 1, and around 27mm longer than a standard Warn 8274 motor. It is easy to maintain and a strong reliable unit that will give years of trouble free service.

The Winch Casings are cast from heat treated LM65 aluminium giving huge core strength without being excessively heavy. The Gear Set is designed by Gigglepin and engineered from Case Hardened EN36 steel, a superbly strong material that is used in the most expensive racing gearboxes and Differentials.

The Drum end plate also features a grease nipple and a purge bolt so that the free end bearing can be maintained with ease.

The GP80 uses the Bullet proof Pro-series Twin-motor Top Housing. This Awesome piece of kit is available with 6 different ratio options dependant on your application: Standard, +13%, +25%, +40%, +50, +60%.                          

The top housing gears have specially designed tooth profiles to maximise strength and efficiency.  The Pro-series Twin-motor Top Housing gives the winch the huge power and speed that have made these Winches Winners Worldwide.

The brake is a Gigglepin designed billet unit using our own toughened brake pads and extra strong spring. This brake has been designed to take the rigours of Off-road motorsport without failing. Due to the brake being externally mounted the GP80 series winches are ideal to use with synthetic cables such as Plasma (Gigglepin recommended), Marlow, Dyna-pull, Master pull, Bow rope and other brands as the winch drum never gets hot, unlike other winch models.

The Free-Spool is air operated and uses EN36 Case hardened dog technology that gives perfect ,fast operation every time. The winch is supplied with an IP67 waterproof toggle switch and a fighter pilot style switch guard. We recommend this is fitted inside the vehicle allowing the driver complete control of the winch at all times. Extra switches are available if required. The Free-Spool system operates using a standard ARB type air compressor as fitted to the majority of challenge/competition vehicles and can use air pressures from 50 to 150psi.

The winch drum is made in seven individual pieces and is end result of years of research and development. Many companies make winches, but few understand the importance of this seemingly simple component. The GP84 MK4 comes with a 13” (330mm) drum as standard (76mm longer than a standard Warn 8274), but can be specially ordered with shorter or longer drums (extra costs and lead times may apply). The drum has spaced 8mm end plates to help stop deflection and premature gearbox casing damage that can be experienced when using synthetic ropes.The drum also uses a reduced diameter 64mm spool giving maximum mechanical advantage to the winch for greater power and allowing larger diameter or longer winch ropes to be used if required. Also fitted to the drum is the Gigglepin rope retention device, a simple to use loop on the drum that makes securing synthetic ropes fast and easy. The MK4 drum also has a removable EN36 hardened Dog receiver that is the bedrock of the air operated Free-spool. The drum is induction hardened at the gearbox end and ground to give a perfect running surface for the large bearings that give smooth and silky operation, finished in Gold Zinc for added corrosion resistance.

 The GP80 MK5 is supplied as standard with two (one per motor) 12v or 24v Super duty Albright contactors, mounted on our extended motor bolts and wired up.These contactors are the newest variant and have been designed by Gigglepin giving unsurpassed reliability in a small, easy to fit package. They offer perfect switching and are fully waterproof. 

Every GP80 winch is serial numbered and is individual to each customer.

They are also completely waterproof and shockproof.

 Features of the GP80 MK5 Winch are:

  • Twin-motor Top housing for Twice the power, Twice the speed
  • Fitted with 2x Bow 2 6.8HP Motors (12/24V)
  • 64mm Diameter Drum giving extra torque and power
  • Massive 330mm long drum for improved rope lay and drum capacity
  • Heavy duty LM65 heat treated casings
  • EN36 case hardened gears for total reliability
  • EN36 Dog engagement technology for fast, effective, operation every time
  • High strength Billet Brake
  • Pneumatic Free-spool for easy “No Fuss” operation
  • Gigglepin designed rope retention system
  • Suitable for use with synthetic winch lines
  • Stainless Steel Hawse Fairlead
  • 8mm Spaced Drum End Plates for unparalleled strength
  • Zinc Coated Drum for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Introduction of large oil seal to reduce free spool drag
  • Raised breather
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Greasable end plate bearing with purge bolt allowing simple servicing
  • New removable bearing retention plate in drum end support for ease of maintenance
  • 12 Longer Deeper mounting holes complete with M12 fixings bolts & washers
  • Suitable for use with synthetic ropes
  • Magnetic oil drain plug
  • Compact High mount design
  • Large Bearings for smooth efficient operation
  • Rear brace bars for extra support and eliminating rope over binds
  • Can be mounted flat or upright
  • Fitted with our Extended Motor Bolts and our Super Duty Albright Solenoids
  • Supplied with all cabling between the motors and the solenoids fitted - simply provide a live feed and an earth

 Key Benefits to using the GP80 Winch MK5 are:

  • Ultimate performance from the Twin-motors
  • Bomb proof reliability
  • Air operated free spool for fast effective rigging
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Compact design
  • Additional rope storage
  • Great Spare Parts availability and Gigglepin Back up

The GP80 Winch MK5 comes with following:

  • User Manual/Handbook
  • GP Stainless Steel Hawse Fairlead
  • Air free spool solenoid
  • Free spool activation IP67 switch and guard
  • Free spool piping & fittings
  • Breather pipe and fittings
  • Mounting bolts and washers
  • Albright Super Duty Solenoids
  • Cabling fitted between the motors and the solenoids.